Carman Dragone on Entrepreneurship in Times of Crisis

With all that’s going on in the world today, it seems as if no one is getting off easy. Entrepreneurs and small businesses, however, are among the hardest hit by the current economic crisis. Being an entrepreneur in a time like this is trying (to say the least). Here are some tips to help you and your business survive the pandemic.

Keep your team connected

First and foremost, if you have a team of employees, keep them safe. Have them work at home, but make every effort to connect with them daily. Don’t just check in about work, but instead offer emotional support whenever you can. You can also foster a sense of belonging by hosting group video or text chats. Try to also connect with your team members one-on-one at least once per week.

Be innovative

Once you’ve ensured that your team is safe and remaining engaged, you can focus on the next step. Conducting business in crisis times means that you must be innovative. For example, if you own a brick and mortar company that has previously relied on customers purchasing face to face, you’ll need to find a new way to offer your products. Work with your team and come up with some new ideas together.

Follow a schedule

Even if you’re currently working out of the office, try to work on a schedule. Set work hours and work hard during those times. It’s easy to be distracted at home, but don’t go too easy on yourself. Conversely, working from home can also allow work to take over your life. Try to find the middle ground by working hard during your office hours and then “clocking out.”

Connect with other entrepreneurs and small business owners

If you haven’t already been connecting with other entrepreneurs and small business owners in your industry or location, this is the time to start. Don’t let the stress of this situation cause you to turn your back on others. Share ideas, offer support, and be a friend to others who are struggling. We are all in the same boat, and it’s critical that we support each other through this storm.

Carman Dragone is the Founder of Musical Arts Conference and a business professional in the automotive industry. For more, visit or Twitter.